Rigsby J. - Mastering Strategy

Mastering Strategy

Rigsby J.

ISBN: 0071402861
Vydavateľstvo: McGraw-Hill
Rok vydania: 2003
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Up-to-the-minute examples of market-leading companies­­and strategists­­in action

Strategy that is both creative and pragmatic is today's number one competitive edge. It has been the driving force behind the success of firms, such as McDonald's and Microsoft, and executives like Sam Walton and Jack Welch. Mastering Strategy examines best practices and examples from these and other companies, CEOs, and academics, and details how executives can benchmark them to overcome new questions and problems in today's harder-faster-smarter world.

From achieving market leadership to managing change, today's business leaders must not only stay atop the latest trends, but also understand and improve the core issues that drive their organizations. By distilling scores of resources into one powerful volume, authors Jeffrey Rigsby and Guy Greco have produced a guidebook for creating new and exciting corporate strategy. Examples include:

*Strategies of corporations such as Nike and Proctor & Gamble
*Insights of CEOs from Bill Hewlett to Ray Kroc
*Wisdom of thought leaders from Warren Bennis to Robert Kaplan

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