Tamir E. - The Human Body Made Simple 2nd ed.

The Human Body Made Simple 2nd ed.

Tamir E.

ISBN: 0443071616
Vydavateľstvo: Churchill Livingstone
Rok vydania: 2002
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The Human Body Made Simple is for the student commencing their studies of medicine or complementary medicine. Readers with little or no prior knowledge of biology, medicine, or the structure and function of the body will greatly benefit from this simple guide. Despite of the non-technical language, the book is medically and scientifically accurate and up-to-date. The reader is gradually and painlessly introduced to basic technical terminology, yet the information is presented in a light, highly readable fashion. The text is accompanied by a myriad of accurate, eye-catching illustrations. The reader will acquire a thorough basic understanding of the structure and function of the human body, which can be used as a foundation for more advanced studies.
'An excellent, easy to read and well illustrated book on anatomy and physiology. A very suitably textbook for students and reference books for practitioners. Highly recommended' Footprints, October 2002

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