Snustad - Principles of Genetics

Principles of Genetics


ISBN: 047169939X
Vydavateľstvo: Wiley
Rok vydania: 2006
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In the rapidly advancing science of genetics, currency and accuracy are critical in any book. This book presents the most up-to-date developments in genetics as well as the fundamental principles. It stresses how genetics is done and provides historical and biographical insights to the people and events that have made genetics a pre-eminent science. The new edition incorporates organizational changes to make the book more modern, including earlier DNA coverage. A new design also highlights numerous practice problems that help reinforce important concepts.
* Provides a comprehensive and balanced view of both Classical Mendelian topics and modern Molecular topics.
* Incorporates the latest findings from Genomics and Proteomics.
* Includes numerous high-quality illustrations with stepped-out art to help readers visualize complex processes.
* Offers the analytical tools that readers will need for problem solving.