Neapolitan, Richard E. - Probabilistic Methods for Bioinformatics

Probabilistic Methods for Bioinformatics

with an Introduction to Bayesian Networks
Neapolitan, Richard E.

ISBN: 9780123704764
Vydavateľstvo: Morgan Kaufmann
Rok vydania: 2009
Väzba: Hardback
Kategória: Reference
Počet strán: 424
Dostupnosť: Na sklade

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The Bayesian network is one of the most important architectures for representing and reasoning with multivariate probability distributions. When used in conjunction with specialized informatics, possibilities of real-world applications are achieved. Probabilistic Methods for BioInformatics explains the application of probability and statistics, in particular Bayesian networks, to genetics. This book provides background material on probability, statistics, and genetics, and then moves on to discuss Bayesian networks and applications to bioinformatics. Rather than getting bogged down in proofs and algorithms, probabilistic methods used for biological information and Bayesian networks are explained in an accessible way using applications and case studies. The many useful applications of Bayesian networks that have been developed in the past 10 years are discussed. Forming a review of all the significant work in the field that will arguably become the most prevalent method in biological data analysis.