Dipak Kumar Sarker - Quality Systems and Controls for Pharmaceuticals

Quality Systems and Controls for Pharmaceuticals

Dipak Kumar Sarker

ISBN: 9780470056929
Vydavateľstvo: Wiley
Rok vydania: 2008
Väzba: Hardback
Počet strán: 204
Dostupnosť: Na sklade

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Quality Systems and Control for Pharmaceuticals is an accessible overview of the highly–regulated area of pharmaceutical manufacture, the production of biomedical materials, and biomedical devices. Introducing the subject in a clear and logical manner it enables the reader to grasp the key concepts of the multidisciplinary area of control science and specifically quality control using industrial and theoretical models.  Taking a multidisciplinary approach to the subject the reader is guided through key topics such as product safety which takes into account aspects of analytical science, statistics, microbiology, biotechnology, engineering, business practice and optimizing models, the law and safeguarding public health, innovation and inventiveness and contemporary best practice.  The author has both industry and academic experience and many ‘best practice’ examples are included throughout the text based on his own industry experience and current practicing industrial pharmacists. This is an invaluable reference for all students of pharmacy who may have little or no familiarity with industrial practice and for those studying BSc chemistry, biomedical sciences, process analytical chemistry and MSc in Industrial Practice.