David S. Jones, Philip B. Roös - Geelong’s Changing Landscape: Ecology, Development and Conservation

Geelong’s Changing Landscape: Ecology, Development and Conservation

David S. Jones, Philip B. Roös

ISBN: 9780643103603
Vydavateľstvo: Eurospan
Rok vydania: 2019
Väzba: Paperback
Počet strán: 344
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Geelong’s Changing Landscape offers an insightful investigation of the ecological history of the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula region. Commencing with the penetrating perspectives of Wadawurrung Elders, chapters explore colonisation and post-World War II industrial development through to the present challenges surrounding the ongoing urbanisation of this region. Expert contributors provide thoughtful analysis of the ecological and cultural characteristics of the landscape, the impact of past actions, and options for ethical future management of the region. This book will be of value to scientists, engineers, land use planners, environmentalists and historians. Features The most comprehensive investigation of the history of development and planning of the Geelong region. An incisive text that raises challenges about Geelong’s future growth. Includes insights from Wadawurrung Elders about the transformation of their Country in the Geelong region.

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