Agustín Udías, Elisa Buforn - Principles of Seismology

Principles of Seismology

Agustín Udías, Elisa Buforn

ISBN: 9781107138698
Vydavateľstvo: Cambridge University Press
Rok vydania: 2017
Vydanie: 2nd Edition
Väzba: Hardback
Kategória: Textbook
Počet strán: 525
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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The second edition of Principles of Seismology has been extensively revised and updated to present a modern approach to observation seismology and the theory behind digital seismograms. It includes: a new chapter on Earthquakes, Earth's structure and dynamics; a considerably revised chapter on instrumentation, with new material on processing of modern digital seismograms and a list of website hosting data and seismological software; and 100 end-of-chapter problems. The fundamental physical concepts on which seismic theory is based are explained in full detail with step-by-step development of the mathematical derivations, demonstrating the relationship between motions recorded in digital seismograms and the mechanics of deformable bodies. With chapter introductions and summaries, numerous examples, newly drafted illustrations and new color figures, and an updated bibliography and reference list, this intermediate-level textbook is designed to help students develop the skills to tackle real research problems.

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