August E. Grant, Jennifer H. Meadows - Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals

Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals

August E. Grant, Jennifer H. Meadows

ISBN: 9781138668263
Vydavateľstvo: Taylor & Francis
Rok vydania: 2016
Vydanie: 15th Edition
Väzba: Paperback
Počet strán: 322
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals has set the standard as the single best resource for students and professionals looking to brush up on how communication technologies have developed, grown, and converged, as well as what’s in store for the future. The 15th edition is completely updated, reflecting the changes that have swept the communication industries. The first five chapters offer the communication technology fundamentals, including the ecosystem, the history, and structure—then delves into each of about two dozen technologies, including mass media, computers, consumer electronics, and networking technologies. Each chapter is written by experts who provide snapshots of the state of each individual field. Together, these updates provide a broad overview of these industries, as well as the role communication technologies play in our everyday lives. In addition to substantial updates to each chapter, the 15th edition includes: First-ever chapters on Big Data and the Internet of Things Updated user data in every chapter Projections of what each technology will become by 2031 Suggestions on how to get a job working with the technologies discussed The companion website,, offers updated information on the technologies covered in this text, as well as links to other resources

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