Nikolaj Lübecker, Daniele Rugo - James Benning's Environments: Politics, Ecology, Duration

James Benning's Environments: Politics, Ecology, Duration

Nikolaj Lübecker, Daniele Rugo

ISBN: 9781474431736
Vydavateľstvo: Edinburgh University Press
Rok vydania: 2019
Väzba: Paperback
Počet strán: 224
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For more than forty years, the experimental filmmaker James Benning has been engaged in a systematic investigation of the relations between man, landscape, and the filmic medium, and during the last decade it has become increasingly clear how much these investigations have to offer to contemporary debates about ecology, the age of the anthropocene and the potentialities of new digital technologies. In James Benning’s Environments a range of international scholars highlight the thematic and formal coherence of Benning’s practice, whilst providing readers with an artistic and historical context to understand his experimental film work. The volume offers a number of interpretative frameworks drawing on film theory, environmental humanities, visual culture and philosophy, explaining why Benning has emerged as one of today’s essential filmmakers.

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