Karim F. Hirji - Exact Analysis of Discrete Data

Exact Analysis of Discrete Data

Karim F. Hirji

ISBN: 9781584880707
Vydavateľstvo: Taylor & Francis
Rok vydania: 2005
Väzba: Hardback
Počet strán: 552
Dostupnosť: Na sklade

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Researchers in fields ranging from biology and medicine to the social sciences, law, and economics regularly encounter variables that are discrete or categorical in nature. While there is no dearth of books on the analysis and interpretation of such data, these generally focus on large sample methods. When sample sizes are not large or the data are otherwise sparse, exact methods--methods not based on asymptotic theory--are more accurate and therefore preferable.This book introduces the statistical theory, analysis methods, and computation techniques for exact analysis of discrete data. After reviewing the relevant discrete distributions, the author develops the exact methods from the ground up in a conceptually integrated manner. The topics covered range from univariate discrete data analysis, a single and several 2 x 2 tables, a single and several 2 x K tables, incidence density and inverse sampling designs, unmatched and matched case -control studies, paired binary and trinomial response models, and Markov chain data. While most chapters focus on statistical theory and applications, three chapters deal exclusively with computational issues. Detailed worked examples appear throughout the book, and each chapter includes an extensive problem set. Written at an elementary to intermediate level, Exact Analysis of Discrete Data is accessible to anyone having taken a basic course in statistics or biostatistics, bringing to them valuable material previously buried in specialized journals.

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