Jennifer Stettler Parsons - Fragile Earth: The Naturalist Impulse in Contemporary Art

Fragile Earth: The Naturalist Impulse in Contemporary Art

Jennifer Stettler Parsons

ISBN: 9781880897317
Vydavateľstvo: Oxbow Books
Rok vydania: 2019
Väzba: Paperback
Počet strán: 120
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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Motivated by the inexorable rise of urban-industrial development and the subsequent deterioration of our planet, artists confront the contemporary vulnerability of our natural world, and illustrate the continued relevance of ecology and nature conservation to contemporary artistic practice, and global climate change. In Fragile Earth: The Naturalist Impulse in Contemporary Art, leading artists Jennifer Angus, Mark Dion, Courtney Mattison, and James Prosek make natural elements their medium conceptually and literally. From prints created with eel bodies and moth wings, to ceramic sculpture mimicking coral bleaching, cabinets filled with colorful plastic collected from oceans and rivers, and walls covered with shockingly beautiful, preserved insects, the artwork reflects an artist’s perspective to natural science, these essays and written conversations showcase the persuasive role artists can play in advocating for the preservation of earth.

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