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  1. Autor Názov titulu Vydavateľstvo Rok Cena
Curwin J. Numeracy Skills for Business Chapman & Hall 1994 Na vyžiadanie
Chen W. F. The Civil Engineering Handbook, 2nd ed. CRC Press 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Borisenko V. What is What in the Nanoworld Wiley 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Warmer J. The Object Constrained Language: Getting Your Models Ready for MDA Pearson 2003 Na vyžiadanie
El-Mahallawy Fundamentals and Technology of Combustion Elsevier 2002 Na vyžiadanie
Douglas P. Zipes, Peter Libby, Robert O. Bonow, Eugene Braunwald Braunwalds Heart Disease Single Volume E-dition, 7th Edition Saunders/Elsevier 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Lienhard J.H. Inventing Modern: Crowing Up With X-Rays,Skyscrapers,and Tailfins Oxford UP 2003 Na vyžiadanie
McKinney R. Environmental Pollution Control Microbiology Marcel Dekker 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Cowan H. J. Dictionary of Architectural and Building Technology, 4th ed. Spon Press 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Hasting K. J. Introduction to the Mathematics of Operations Research with Mathematica Chapman & Hall 2006 Na vyžiadanie
Bekkers V. Information and Communication Technology and Public Innovation IOS Press 2006 Na vyžiadanie
Hill B. An Introduction to Economics Cabi 2006 Na vyžiadanie
Grabe Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning Houghton Mifflin 2007 Na vyžiadanie
Burke K. Medical - surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Client Care Pearson 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Gelatt K. Veterinary Ophthalmology: 2-Volume Set, 4th Edition Wiley-Blackwell 2007 Na vyžiadanie
Bond Geoffrey C,Louis Catherine,Thompson David Catalysis By Gold World Scientific 2006 182,21 €
Chambers Materials Science and Technology Dictionary Chambers 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Manahan S. Environmental Science and Technology: A Sustainable Approach to Green Science and Technology CRC Press 2006 Na vyžiadanie
Verlinden, Bert Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Metallic Materials,11 Elsevier 2007 161,70 €
Saito G. Multifunctional Conducting Molecular Materials Royal Society for Chemistry 2006 122,23 €
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