Samuelson W. - Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics

Samuelson W.

ISBN: 0030226120
Vydavateľstvo: Wiley
Rok vydania: 1999
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About thgis book:
The right economic tools to make the right business decisions!

In today's highly competitive business environments, managers must be able to make increasingly complex decisions-decisions that sometimes determine whether a firm prospers or even survives. Now more than ever, top-notch managers are relying on economic analysis to make the right business decisions.

That's why William F. Samuelson and Stephen G. Mark's Fourth Edition of MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS illustrates the central problems you're likely to face as a manager, provides the economic analysis techniques you need to guide your decisions, and shows how these techniques are used by practicing managers. Updated with modern management techniques, Fourth Edition features many revised applications, and new and expanded coverage of game theory, decision making under uncertainity, international topics, e-commerce, and the Internet.

* Managerial decision making is emphasized and woven throughout every chapter in the book.
* Real-world applications throughout the text challenge you to ponder possible choices.
* End-of-chapter spreadsheet problems offer a powerful way of portraying economic decisions and finding optimal solutions without a large investment in calculus methods.
* Shows how to use game theory to analyze the firm's strategic choices.
* Explains how to use decision trees to structure decisions in highrisk environments. Includes expanded coverage of international topics and applications.
* E-commerce applications appear throughout the text.

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