Walton J. - The Oxford Medical Companion

The Oxford Medical Companion

Walton J.

ISBN: 0192623559
Vydavateľstvo: Oxford
Rok vydania: 1994
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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This book is the perfect companion reference for everyone working in medieine or related fields and who is interested in what is done in each of the branches of medieine, medical institutions, how medieine relates to art and literature, and how medieine is practised aro und the world. There are major entries on each of the branches of medieine - what they encompass, something of their historical background, variation in their international practice, and recent advances - as well as shorter entries that explain concisely what is meant by a comprehensive selection of medical terms. The origins, purpose, and structure of many international medical bodies and institutions are described. There are insights into the lives and achievements of many fascinating and famous historical and contemporary medical personalities and numerous articles depict the often close links between medi eine and the arts - fine art, music, and literature. The clear layout and comprehensive crossreferencing ensure that information can be found quickly and easily. Anyone interested in medi eine will find this book hard to put down.