Nichols A. - Perioperative Medicine

Perioperative Medicine

Nichols A.

ISBN: 0192629751
Vydavateľstvo: Oxford UP
Rok vydania: 2000
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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>"In all, this is an excellent pocket-sized book that not only is very useful in clinical situations but also provides an excellent way of fitting a little revision for the MRCS into those 'spare' moments in the day, between cases or while waiting for ward rounds." Caroline Moore, SHO General Surgery
>"I see this book as a useful vade mecum for surgical preregistration house officers and senior house officers (SHOs). It really does make easy reading in short bursts: the sort of book an SHO could dip into while waiting for cases to arrive in theatre. It should make an invaluable, easy, clear revision text, both for the applied physiology viva of the MRCS and then, later, for the critical care section of the Intercollegiate FRCS examination. I have read it from cover to cover, and I recomend that you should do the same."Postgraduate Medical Journal
>"The book suceeds in its aim to provide information and guidance for the clinical management of surgical patients with common medical problems."..."The information is highly relevant and practical.There is also guidance where more specialist input is considered necessary."..."In conclusion, Perioperative Medicine is a pocket reference that contains a wealth of useful information. I would recommend it to all medical staff involved in the perioperative care of patients, and particularly to house staff."British J of Plastic Surgery
>"Overall, the Perioperative Medicine Handbook covers a wide range of relevant information, presented in a clear and practical manner. It provides comprehensive, practical guidelines for routine diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. I think this is a very good book for trainees in the field of perioperative care for the immediate use at the bedside."BJA
"Junior surgical staff will find this practical handbook a valuable source of reference and advice."British journal of Surgery

Many patients undergoing surgery have a chronic medical disorder unrelated to the surgical problem. These can present major difficulties for inexperienced surgical house staff and junior anaesthetists working unsupervised, most of whom will have had little or no experience in dealing with such problems. Perioperative medicine provides practical guidelines on the management of all the common medical conditions likely to be encountered in routine surgical and anaesthetic practice. The first section addresses a range of general issues that can arise on surgical wards when patients with complex medical problems are being prepared for operation, such as obtaining informed consent. The book then provides simple protocols for the safe care of patients with underlying medical problems on surgical wards, with special focus on the risks that various conditions pose for surgery and anaesthesia. The third part of the book looks at the diagnosis and management of medical complications in the post-operative period. References for further reading are provided throughout. This will prove an essential book for junior surgeons and anaesthetists to keep by their sides at all times.

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