Mullins L. J. - Management and Organisational Behaviour

Management and Organisational Behaviour

Mullins L. J.

ISBN: 0273688766
Vydavateľstvo: Prentice Hall
Rok vydania: 2005
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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Helps students of today become effective managers of tomorrow by truly understanding organisational behaviour.
For undergraduate and graduate courses in Organisational Behaviour and Management.
Taking a managerial approach and demonstrating the application of behavioural science within the workplace, this text emphasises the role of management as a core integrating activity.
This long established market leader has set standards that few texts have met in terms of accessibility of writing style and clarity of presentation, by making unfamiliar theory relevant, easily understood and logically applied to the world of work.

New to this Edition:
Personal Skills Section at the end of every chapter. Contains personal skill development questions that will assist students in identifying and developing essential management skills.
Technology on the web icons throughout, refers students to the companion website, where relevant technological issues and debates are explored in depth.
Greater range of international cases. Allows students to explore the differences in organisational behaviour around the world.
Enhanced full colour design. Full colour examples and photographs are integrated throughout the text to provide a pictorial representation of how organisations work in practice.
New examples from a range of organisations, will help students relate the content covered in the chapter to current examples.