Johnson C.D. - Essential Surgical Technique

Essential Surgical Technique

Johnson C.D.

ISBN: 0412554704
Vydavateľstvo: Chapman & Hall
Rok vydania: 1997
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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This book has been written specifically for basic surgical trainees whose first years on rotation will involve working in a range of different specialties to which they have only a relatively brief expósure. They are expected rapidly to learn the different approaches used in each specialty and equally rapidly to acquire the essential surgical skilis necessary for performing common procedures.

What the trainee needs is not a simple 'how to do iť manual but a clearly-written, easy reference source on minor and intermediate procedures. It should present the component steps of each procedure with a view primarily to supervised practice at the earliest opportunity, followed later by unsupervised operating when confidence and proficiency have been gained.

Essential Surgical Technique fulfils this role: combining well-annotated line drawings alongside explanatory text, it equips trainees to perform procedures for the first time, provides a basic structure which can be modified thereafter and reinforces the practicai experience when re-read. The focus is necessarily on surgical technique across the different specialties, but some advice is also given on specific and important emergency situations and general aspects such as medical management, local anaesthetic techniques and basie surgical skilIs (e.g. knot tying and instrument handling).

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