Scarbrough H. - Technology and Organization

Technology and Organization

Scarbrough H.

ISBN: 0415059410
Vydavateľstvo: Routledge
Rok vydania: 1992
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The impact of technology in organizations is of central con­cern to managers. Ir plays a crucial role in job design, motivation of the individual at work, successful management of change and the strucrure of organizations. Earlier literature has tended to fall into tWo separate camps: specialized studies of new technologies or mainsrream accounts of organizational behaviour in which technology is a peripheral concern.

In this important new MBA text Scarbrough and Corberr adopt a highly integrative approach. Using the three concep­tuallenses of power, mean ing, and design they explore fully the many different ways in which technology and organizations interact. They highlight the major debates within these com­peting perspectives and argue that the flow of knowledge and ideas within and betWeen organizations is crucial in shaping technologies and organizations alike.

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