Carver E. - Medical Imaging, Techniques, Reflection and Evaluation

Medical Imaging, Techniques, Reflection and Evaluation

Carver E.

ISBN: 0443062129
Vydavateľstvo: Churchill Livingstone
Rok vydania: 2006
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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"The aim of the book is to provide in one volume the entire range of radiographic positioning and technique - the fundamental concepts of radiography which all students and professionals must understand. Uniquely, it combines this essential core knowledge with a reflective approach. The editors have brought together contributions from radiographers, radiography lecturers, radiologists, and other experts from the commercial sector of medical imaging, all selected for their clinical and academic expertise. The authors have been comprehensive, thorough, and innovative. This well-presented book should be adopted by Schools of Diagnostic Imaging in Europe and elsewhere and be a constant companion to the reflective radiographic practitioner" - from the foreword by Patrick Brennan.

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