Susan Standring - Gray's Anatomy E-dition , 39th Edition

Gray's Anatomy E-dition , 39th Edition

Susan Standring

ISBN: 0443066760
Vydavateľstvo: Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Rok vydania: 2004
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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One of the most famous books in history is making history all over again!

The 'ultimate truth' in anatomy. Gray's Anatomy is the peerless source of reference on all matters concerning human anatomy. The new 39 th edition has been redesigned, reduced in size and rigorously edited to improve readability, remove duplication and thereby produce one of the most radical revisions in the book's long and distinguished history. For the first time, Gray's Anatomy has been organised by body region, and edited by a team of clinicians, to ensure maximum relevance to those working in medicine, dentistry and professions allied to medicine. Our goal has been to provide the most reliable and comprehensive human anatomy resource possible, together with 'signposts' to the most current source of molecular and cytological information available elsewhere, on the web or in print.

Now available as an e-dition! This book/web package is available at a special introductory price of [sterling]120 (normal retail price [sterling]149)

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