Yang Y. - Chinese Herbal Medicines Comparisons and Characteristics

Chinese Herbal Medicines Comparisons and Characteristics

Yang Y.

ISBN: 0443071667
Vydavateľstvo: Churchill Livingstone
Rok vydania: 2002
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About this Book:
It is a challenge for Chinese medicine students to learn and retain information about the characteristics of the hundreds of commonly used Chinese herbs, and it is equally a challenge for the junior practitioner to be sure of selecting the best herbs to use in formulae. This book brings to life, through vivid and clear discussion, the characteristics of the commonly used Chinese herbs. Through a full question and answer format, it offers a method for students and junior practitioners of learning and memorizing the functions of herbs through comparing the characteristics and the strengths of the herbs. For the experienced practitioner, the fine analysis of the characteristics of herbs allows an opportunity to make a formula with better quality and result, and the discussion of clinical applications within each question and answer unit can be used in practice to enlarge the treatment range.