Kinsella A.R. - Colorectal Cancer : A Scientific Perspective

Colorectal Cancer : A Scientific Perspective

Kinsella A.R.

ISBN: 0521361990
Vydavateľstvo: Cambridge UP
Rok vydania: 1993
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This volume aims to unravel tl1e step-by-step Rrocesses that result in colorectal cancer - one of the commoner causes of death in the Western world. Advances in our scientific understanding of the disease suggest that there is a clear progression of events leading to localised malignancy. It thus provides an excellent modehfor the study of carcinogenesis. The volume draws together some of the epidemiological, clinical and scientific factors which help to give a broader understanding of colorectal cancer and, it is hoped, encourage closer collaboration between scientists and clinicians. The volume also emphasises the diagnostic, therapeutic andprognostic advances arising from these developments and highlights other areas where collaboration between scientists and clinicians is needed. The volume is suitable for all those with a professional scientific or clinical interest in colorectal cancer, inclUding oncologists, cancer research scientists, cancer surgeons and gastroenterologists.