Jeannet - Global Marketing Strategies 6th ed.

Global Marketing Strategies 6th ed.


ISBN: 0618311912
Vydavateľstvo: Houghton Mifflin
Rok vydania: 2004
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Global Marketing Strategies earns high praise for its up-to-date coverage of the field, especially from instructors of graduate-level courses. In addition to the latest research, this text reinforces the importance of global strategic thinking, or the "global mindset," with current examples from well-known companies across Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as both North and South America.

The authors have revised the complete text with reference to numerous 2000-2002 academic and trade sources. Chapter 2, The Global Economy, features new statistics on world trade and growth rates, a discussion of the steel tariffs challenged by the EU and WTO, and the financial impact of 9/11. Other highlights include Chapter 3, Cultural and Social Forces, offering insightful business advice about Hindu and Moslem cultures; Chapter 4, Political and Legal Forces, examining how countries such as China use product standards to avoid poor-quality imports and how companies are dealing with executive kidnappings, one of the fastest-growing criminal practices in the world; and Chapter 10, Pricing for Global Markets, covering the management of transfer pricing in response to government audits.

- An updated casebook appears with every new copy of the Sixth Edition--and allows students to gain a better understanding of how products are developed and marketed through company-, product-, and industry-specific cases.

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