Borley N. - Instant Physiology

Instant Physiology

Borley N.

ISBN: 0632050047
Vydavateľstvo: Blackwell Publishing
Rok vydania: 2000
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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Instant Physiology presents a system by system approach to physiology, relating to the clinical requirements of medicine and surgery. It covers core physiology with integrated clinical information in an easy to revise format for both medical and surgical higher examinations and medical student undergratuate study. Students and trainees will find this book an excellent companion text to Instant Anatomy.


List of abbreviations
1: Cellular physiology
2: Cardiovascular
3: Respiratory
4: Renal
5: Alimentary
6: Endocrine
7: Blood
8: Nervous system
9: Appendix

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