Bradshaw H.H. - 4x4 Leadership and the Purpose of the Firm

4x4 Leadership and the Purpose of the Firm

Bradshaw H.H.

ISBN: 0789004445
Vydavateľstvo: Harwood Press
Rok vydania: 1998
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Most executive leaders will tell you they’re constantly striving to move their organizations toward some envisioned future, a future that includes increased trade, company and employee self-confidence, and customer satisfaction. And yet, this goal is often elusive because few executives possess the required know-how. But now, in 4X4 Leadership and the Purpose of the Firm, you’ll find how you can successfully move the levers of change that will make this threefold dream a reality for you and your company. In 4X4 Leadership and the Purpose of the Firm, 25 years of hands-on experience from some of the country’s most senior vice presidents and CEOs is at your fingertips. You’ll find out what top executives really worry about and how they use their influence in order to orchestrate positive change. In this book’s integrated, systematic model, you’ll tap into the synergy in the enduring architectural components that sustain any company--assets, people, organization, and systems--and discover in yourself the honorable and persistent executive leader who’s waiting to take charge. Specifically, you’ll read about:

* the ultimate destination--trade
* how to successfully manipulate the four levers of change to increase trade
* the management of self-esteem
* customers--their needs, wants, hopes, and worries

While most books on management and leadership training focus only on one or two methodologies, 4X4 Leadership and the Purpose of the Firm is an overall, systemic model that is both professional and practical. Its “big picture” overview will give sharp focus to the often blurry and indistinct nature of organizational goals. You’ll uncover revolutionary insights on financial and behavioral change and see that the organization-wide improvements you’re dreaming about are only a memo or phone call away. Translated into Greek and Chinese!

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