Randall M. D. - Disease Management

Disease Management

Randall M. D.

ISBN: 0853695237
Vydavateľstvo: Pharmaceutical Press
Rok vydania: 2003
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In recent years pharmacy undergraduate teaching has changed to reflect the evolving role of the pharmacist in primary care.

Disease Management provides a holistic approach to patient care by considering the diverse clinical issues surrounding medicines management. This textbook includes a comprehensive introduction to disease states and to prescribing considerations commonly, but not exclusively, encountered in primary care.

Each part of this book considers several specific diseases. The text covers prescription of drugs for individual patients, and considers how other factors such as concurrent illness and drug interactions affect treatment. Sections on counselling and monitoring are also included, and numerous case studies and practice points complement the chapters.

Disease Management is invaluable for pharmacy undergraduates, preregistration graduates, practising pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

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