Hoffman J. - Introduction to Political Concepts

Introduction to Political Concepts

Hoffman J.

ISBN: 1405824387
Vydavateľstvo: Pearson
Rok vydania: 2006
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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Clearly written and accessibly presented, this book provides an innovative and stimulating introduction to political ideas which goes well beyond a formal exposition of standard theories. "Introduction to Political Concepts" is a clear, sophisticated student-focused guide to concepts, such as the state, freedom, equality, justice, democracy, citizenship, difference, victimhood, civil disobedience, and human rights. The book relates political concepts to political realities through effective use of real-world examples, making the subject a lively and contentious arena, stimulating students to think about political theory, as well as helping them to see the subject's relevance. The key features include: case studies demonstrate how political ideas, concepts and issues manifest in the real world; an innovative 'How to Read' feature helps students to get to grips with primary texts; 'Ideas and Perspectives' encourage students to appreciate alternative viewpoints; biographies of key political figures provide a useful context to concepts and theories; a range of thought provoking photographs challenge students to examine concepts from a different angle; and suggestions for further reading and weblinks are also provided to help students to further their understanding. "Introduction to Political Concepts" is accompanied by an innovative website with Multiple Choice Questions, further case studies and links to political theory web resources. "Introduction to Political Concepts" is suitable for all students taking an undergraduate course in Politics. The chapters effectively combine discussion of seminal texts with contemporary issues... introducing many of the necessary but nuanced distinctions needed for students to handle the various topics in an informed and intelligent manner. Professor John Hoffman lectures at Leicester University. Dr Paul Graham lectures at Glasgow University.

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