Allen L. - Allen´s compounded Formulations

Allen´s compounded Formulations

Allen L.

ISBN: 1582120412
Vydavateľstvo: Apha/McGraw-Hill
Rok vydania: 2003
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About This Book:
Presents 168 compounding formulas organized by therapeutic category spanning the 15-year existence (1988'2002) of Allen's popular monthly column, 'Contemporary Compounding,' from the U.S. Pharmacist. Features updated stability information from USP25/NF20, dosage in all forms, and new supplemental material.

Presents 168 of Allen's "Contemporary Compounding" columns reprinted from U.S. Pharmacist, and is organized by therapeutic category. Many of the columns include updated stability information from USP25/NF20. An introduction to good compounding practices, tables presenting equivalent values for compounding calculations, a directory of suppliers of compounding chemicals, a glossary of terms, and a dosage form index and drug index supplement the columns. The basic formulas offered in this collection provide for some uniformity of preparation, as well as a starting point for further modification for specific patients. The volume is designed also to provide documentation for the use of these basic formulas as presented in the contemporary literature.