Steiner M. - Handbook of Female Psychopharmacology

Handbook of Female Psychopharmacology

Steiner M.

ISBN: 1841841277
Vydavateľstvo: Martin Dunitz
Rok vydania: 2003
Dostupnosť: Na objednávku

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This handbook reviews the latest developments in female psychopharmacology. The primary goal is to raise the awareness and understanding of sex and gender specific differences in the etiology, presentation, prevention and treatment of mental disorders in women. Written and edited by two leading experts in the field, this handy and practical volume will be of natural interest to mental health care providers, general practitioners, and obstetricians/gynaecologists. It is hoped that it will also be read by trainees embarking on careers in women's health.

1. Antidepressant Drugs 2. Mood-Stabilizing Drugs 3. Anxiolytic Drugs 4. Antipsychotics and the Treatment of Women with Psychosis 5. Drug Interactions with Oral Contraceptives 6. Treatment of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder 7. Treating Depression in Pregnancy 8. Antidepressant Medications and Breastfeeding 9. Treatment of Mood Disorders in Menopausal Women 10. Nature's Own Medicines 11. Alcohol, Nicotine and Drug Abuse in Women