Ion Boldea - The Electric Generators Handbook, 2 Volume Set

The Electric Generators Handbook, 2 Volume Set

Ion Boldea

ISBN: 9780849314810
Vydavateľstvo: Taylor & Francis
Rok vydania: 2005
Väzba: Hardback
Počet strán: 1000
Dostupnosť: Na sklade

Pôvodná cena: 257,48 €
Výstavná cena: 180,24 €(t.j. po zľave 30%)
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The modern world hungers for electricity. Traditionally, this hunger was sated with predominantly constant-speed-regulated, synchronous generators. However, new demands require the stable, quick, and efficient delivery and control offered by variable-speed generators.Surveying all of the technologies used to satisfy the world's demand for open, efficient, and clean electricity, The Electric Generators Handbook, Two-Volume Set provides the first unified, in-depth examination of both synchronous and variable-speed generators for stand-alone and grid-connected applications. Individually, each book offers authoritative, tightly focused treatment that is ideal for specialists. Together, they offer the most complete reference available on the topologies, steady state and transients modeling, performance, control, design, and testing of stand-alone and grid-connected generators.The two-volume design of this handbook combines unmatched comprehensiveness with the finely tuned attention and convenient size of a specialized monograph. This combination offers maximum ease of use and versatility, allowing you to choose the coverage best suited to your individual needs. The set comes packaged in a protective slipcase, or each volume may be purchased individually. Together or separately, you are sure to find the information you need in…Synchronous GeneratorsThe first of two volumes, Synchronous Generators offers a thorough introduction to electrical energy and electricity generation, including the basic principles of electric generators. The book devotes a chapter to the most representative prime mover models for transients used in active control of various generators. Then, individual chapters explore the topologies and steady state of large and medium-power synchronous generators; modeling and transients; control in power systems; design, including simple cases; and testing. Numerous examples, sample results, and illustrations highlight the concepts.Variable Speed GeneratorsThe second of two volumes, Variable Speed Generators thoroughly covers all types of variable-speed generators currently in progress in distributed generation and renewable energy applications around the world. It delves into the steady state, transients, control, and design of claw-pole rotor synchronous, induction, permanent magnet-assisted synchronous, and switched reluctance starter alternators for hybrid-electric vehicles. It also discusses PM synchronous, transverse-flux PM, and flux-reversal PM generators for low-speed wind and hydro energy conversion as well as linear motion alternators for residential and spacecraft applications. Numerous design and control examples illustrate the discussion.The promise of renewable, sustainable energy rests on our ability to design innovative power systems that are able to harness energy from a variety of sources. Reflecting the latest technologies and deployments from around the world, The Electric Generators Handbook, Two-Volume Set supplies the tools necessary to design, validate, and deploy the right power generation technologies to fulfill tomorrow's complex energy needs.