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  1. Autor Názov titulu Vydavateľstvo Rok Cena
Bottomley K. Metalloproteinases as Targets for Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Birkauser 1999 Na vyžiadanie
Brooks G. Gene Therapy the Use of DNA as a Drug Pharmaceutical Press 2002 Na vyžiadanie
Guillebaud J. Contraception your Questions Answered Churchill Livingstone 1999 Na vyžiadanie
Randall M. D. Disease Management Pharmaceutical Press 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Greene R. Pathology and Therapeutics for Pharmacists Chapman and Hall 1993 Na vyžiadanie
Cassidy J. Oxford Handbook of Oncology Oxford UP 2002 Na vyžiadanie
Feigin Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Disease 2 Vol. Set Elsevier 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Fraser R.S. Diagnosis of Diseases of the Chest, 4 Vol Set Saunders 1999 Na vyžiadanie
Harding The Lung Development , Agign and the Environment Academic Press 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Koopman Arthritis and Allied Conditions 2 Vol. Set 13th ed. Williams & Wilkins 1997 Na vyžiadanie
Solomon L. Apley´s System of Orthopaedics and Fractures Arnold 2001 Na vyžiadanie
Fleisch H. Biophosphonates in Bone Disease: from the Laboratory to the Patient Academic Press 2000 Na vyžiadanie
Payne R. The Eye in General Practice 10 edition Butterworth Heinemann 1998 Na vyžiadanie
Watstein S. B. Statistical Handbook on Infectious Diseases GP 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Cohen J. Infectious Diseases, 2 Vol. Set Mosby 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Armstrong D. Infectious Diseases, 2 Vol. Set Mosby 2000 Na vyžiadanie
Longworth D. L. Handbook of Infectious Diseases Springhouse 2001 Na vyžiadanie
McMillan A. Sexually Transmitted Infections Churchill Livingstone 2000 Na vyžiadanie
Berger Exotic Viral Diseases A Global Guide B.C.Decker 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Isada C.M. Infectious Diseases Handbook Lexi-Comp 2001 Na vyžiadanie
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