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  1. Autor Názov titulu Vydavateľstvo Rok Cena
Drucker R. Oustsourcing in Clinical Drug Development Interpharm Press 2002 Na vyžiadanie
Lawson J. S. From Clinician for Manager, An Introduction to Hospital and Health Services Management McGraw-Hill 1996 Na vyžiadanie
Marshall E. Business and Society Routledge 1993 Na vyžiadanie
Samuelson W. Managerial Economics Wiley 1999 Na vyžiadanie
Wilson P. The Essential Guide to Managing Small Business Growth Wiley 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Stewart G. Succesful Sales Management Pitman Publishing 1993 Na vyžiadanie
Branch A. E. Import/ Export Documentation Chapman and Hall 1994 Na vyžiadanie
Gitomer J. The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource Wiley 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Vollhardt K. P. C. Organic Chemistry, 3rd ed. Freeman 1999 Na vyžiadanie
Miller M. Internet Technologies Handbook Wiley 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Stern, E. Value Mindset Returning to the First Principles of Capitalist Enterprise Wiley 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Roger King The University in the Global Age Palgrave 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Revsine C. Financial Reporting and Analysis 3nd. Ed Pearson 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Tappen R. M. Essentials of Nursing Leadership and Management Davis 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Woolls B. The School Library Media Manager Third Edition Greenwood 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Mosley P. A. Transitioning from Librarian to Middle Manager Greenwood 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Scott J. T. The Concise Handbook of Management Haworth Press 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Levy P. Developing the New Learning Environment Facet 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Khairallah M. Physical Security Systems Handbook: The Design and Implementation of Electronic Security Systems Butterworth-Hein. 2006 Na vyžiadanie
Quinn Becoming a Master Manager : A Competing Values Approach Wiley 2007 Na vyžiadanie
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