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  1. Autor Názov titulu Vydavateľstvo Rok Cena
Coopey R. Information Technology Policy: An International History Oxford UP 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Bird J. Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology Newnes 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Bender D. A. Benders´Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology Woodhead Publ. 2001 Na vyžiadanie
Timings R. Basic Manufacturing Butt.-Hein. 1999 Na vyžiadanie
Kozmetsky G. New Wealth: Commercialization of Science and Technology for Business and Economic Greenwood / Praeger 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Wei W. Scholarly Communication in Science and Engineering Research in Higher Education Haworth Press 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Briggs D. Brewing Science and Practice Woodhead Publ. 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Brown A. World Yearbook of Education: Digital Technologies, Communities and Education   Routledge 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Cahn Materials Science and Technology, 11 Vol. Set Wiley 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Kalpakjian S. Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Prentice Hall/Pearson 2006 Na vyžiadanie
Leffler M. P. Origins of Cold War Routledge 2005 Na vyžiadanie
White M.A. The Management of Technology and Innovation: A Strategic Approach Thomson 2006 Na vyžiadanie
Tamime A. Probiotic Dairy Products Blackwell Science 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Roska T. Cellular Neural Networks and Visual Computing Cambridge UP 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Riva G Ambient Intelligence IOS Press 2005 Na vyžiadanie
McGraw Human Anatomy Saladin 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Paye M. Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology Taylor & Francis 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Wills B. Will´s Mineral Processing Technology: An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery Butterworth-Hein. 2006 Na vyžiadanie
Turnpenny P. Emery´s Elements of Medical Genetics Churchill Livingstone 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Black M. The Encyclopedia of Seeds Science, Technology and Uses Cabi 2006 Na vyžiadanie
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