Goldstein J.S. - International Relations

International Relations

Goldstein J.S.

ISBN: 0321315359
Vydavateľstvo: Pearson
Rok vydania: 2006
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The top-selling text in its field, "International Relations", provides unparalleled coverage of international political economy, traditional and alternative theoretical perspectives, technology, and contemporary global events. A field-defining text, Goldstein's "International Relations" balances security and economic issues; includes coverage of alternative theoretical perspectives, the environment, and women; and integrates technology seamlessly with marginal icons linking to additional online content such as video clips, interactive simulations, and practice tests. The seventh edition continues to outpace the other books in this market with new, up-to-date illustrations, cases, and data on topics such as - elections in Iraq, Palestine after Arafat, Iran's suspended nuclear ambitions, China's rising power, the fall of the U.S. dollar, and WTO trade talks. Lauded for its commitment to currency, lively writing style, colorful photo program, and abundance of examples, "International Relations" has long been a favorite of both students and instructors because it makes the rich complexity of international politics accessible and exciting.