Chow S. Ch. - Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics

Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics

Chow S. Ch.

ISBN: 0824742613
Vydavateľstvo: Marcel Dekker
Rok vydania: 2003
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Remaining on the cutting-edge of this rapidly evolving field, this unequaled resource has expanded more than 70% of its original entries to review amendments to regulatory requirements and recently developed statistical methods impacting the drug review/approval process and biopharmaceutical research and development.

Alerts specialists to current standards and best practices in clinical, laboratory, manufacturing, and statistical design, investigation, and analysis.

Eclipsing any other competing source, the Second Edition offers more than 5800 references, 150 contributors, and nearly 3000 equations, tables, and figures for thorough exploration of emerging technologies, concepts, and trends vital to the biopharmaceutical industry.