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  1. Autor Názov titulu Vydavateľstvo Rok Cena
Europe Publ. European Union Encyclopedia and Directory 2004 Europa Publ. 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Magone J. M. The Politics of Southern Europe: Integration into the European Union Praeger 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Frank S. A New Model for European Medical Device Regulation Europa Law Publishing 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Jans J. H. The European Convention and the Future of European Enviromental Law Europa Law Publications 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Hartley European Union Law in a Global Context Cambridge UP 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Lejeune I. The Enlargement of the European Union Wiley 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Dina Zisserman-Brodsky Constructing Ethnopolitics in the Soviet Union Palgrave 2003 Na vyžiadanie
S.P. Mangen Social Exclusion and Inner City Europe Palgrave 2004 Na vyžiadanie
David Armstrong International Organisation in World Politics Palgrave 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Stevens H. Transport Policy in the European Union Palgrave 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Agata Górny Migration in the New Europe Palgrave 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Elvins M. Anti-Drugs Policies of the European Union Palgrave 2003 Na vyžiadanie
Sweet A. S. The Judicial Construction of Europe Oxford UP 2005 Na vyžiadanie
Bradshaw M. East Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union the Post-Socialist States Pearson 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Phinnemore D. A Dictionary of the European Union Europa Publication 2002 Na vyžiadanie
O'Sullivan N. European Political Thought Since 1945 Palgrave 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Ward D. The European Union Democratic Deficit and the Public Sphere IOS Press 2004 Na vyžiadanie
Higman R. The Miliatary History of the Soviet Union, 2 Vol. Set Palgrave 2002 Na vyžiadanie
Hanjalic, A. Image and Video Databases: Restoration, Watermaking and Retrieval Elsevier 2000 Na vyžiadanie
Freeman R. L. Reference Manual for Telecommunications Engineering, 2 Vol. Set Wiley 2002 Na vyžiadanie
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